Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Beat it or Join it and have a Happy day !

What are we actually celebrating on Christmas Day? The Christmas tree at St Pancras is celebrating the past glories  of the Olympic Games.  Put your head round it between the Ferrero Rochas and the Pringles and see what you come up with! I love a celebration, love putting up the decorations, shopping around for the cheapest stollen slices, but here in Brighton , Winterval  and Winter Solstice parades are the flavour of the place .
 I was urged by Colin to read the Article in The Argus of its  interview of Rev Archie Coates, the vicar at St Peters Church Brighton. .
It will really encourage you .

It is Christmas Morning.Daughter in Kiaora has just rung us with news of Christmas in Filey, and the Crib Service. She said it was fantastic!

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