Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12 12 12

This is last time using the calendar system we have now that there will be such a mathematical date.  I am not a Mayan , or into doom theories, but love the way that numbers can be so important to people. 
Spouse always laughs at me when I get one of my 666 moods: It took me some time to use a taxi firm in Scarborough with 666 in its number, and I always wonder why a certain Catering Supplies firm , seen delivering to the Cafes and restaurents of Filey is called 3663 but I am assuming the number is something to do with practicalities.

So lets enjoy the Maths today, and  see when we think the next good maths date will occur.

So heres a site for you with A dozen facts about 12


  1. Interesting 12 is meant to be a special Biblical number . Hence at

    12 noon on the 12/12/12 Christians were called to pray for Gods

    Presence in our land .

  2. Margaret, I am surprised at you! Go back to your mobile phone: 3665 spells "FOOD". I can't believe you hadn't sussed that one! Love R.



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