Sunday, 11 November 2012

Twitter and a #vicarbot

A Vicarbot

Pam Smiths definitionof a #vicarbot
I am a collector of words. Though not in the Twittionary yet, I think @FrDavidCloake might have coined a new one, with the beautifully etymologically intriguing #vicarbot.  I attribute the word to the redoubtable and outspoken vernacular curate  vicar, but stand to be corrected. It could just have easily come from one of my heroines ,the pioneering  virtual vicar @revpamsmith .I am sure it was not however birthed by the alma father  of the new ABC, as @nickygumbel  is infact a perfect example of a #vicarbot.

When I heard another of my special people of the Twittersphere speaking about being an online  Christian I was deeply Challenged. @Digitalnun spoke at  #cnmac11 about showing love and respect to all those one engages with on Twitter.

So here it is-I am not going to delete the accounts of #vicarbots. I am going to continue to retweet them on your behalf  -Filey Parish.
I have 2 reasons

  1. Some 25 years ago I met a business man who stuck in traffic outside my Christian Bookshop, had seen  a stray scripture as part of our window display. He could not let it go, went to church and became a Christian, and came back to tell us.
  2. I have been ill all week, and in bed , not up to much except for the Twitter on my smartphone. A Vicarbot on @YouVersion  helped me to up my game and keep going although I felt really rough. Here it is

    Romans 12:12

    New International Version (NIV)
    12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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