Wednesday, 14 November 2012

'Outrage as inexperienced toff...

appointed to top church Job' Read the rest of the blog post here

So starts the great post from @UnshaunSheep, who I have followed on Twitter since I realised he has much to say about one of my favourite places -Ripon.
  I worshipped at Ripon cathedral every Sunday for the 3 years I was at college at that Nunnery  of the North that was 'The College', now posh flats. The College was also the alma mater of Pat Metcalf, Rachel Whites mother  and Hetty (in Roundstone). Some years ago Colin and I went back to a service at the Cathedral, and were thrilled to see how it had changed, and much for the better. I met  @UnshaunSheep at a conference in Leeds earlier in the year, and he sure gets my vote for originality. 

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