Friday, 2 November 2012

Hedda garbled


It might have been a triumph according to the Theatre Critic of The Times a few weeks ago. Infact I read the Times Review *and immediately booked tickets for the production at the OLD VIC , knowing  we would be in Londons 3rd City , Croydon for this week as we finished clearing my Aunts flat. It might have been a triumph on that day, but at the Matinee this Wednesday I could hardly hear words of the eponymous lady , her  diction was so poor.  And no , it was not just me ,(those who have heard me moan about the sound system in St Johns) I could hear Adrian Scarborough perfectly. All the people sitting around me in the stalls , row M , could not hear either, and one of them was trained at Central.
Brian Friels adaptation for 2012 of the text , was a delight. Who would have thought he could introduce some humour into this gloomy nordic play. I cannot wait to read it.
The first time I read the lesson at StOs , I was told off by Geoff Charlton. He said he couldn't hear my diction, and I was speaking too quickly.I duly took note and amended my ways. 
How did Jesus manage to talk clearly to thousands, and likewise  John Wesley , and both in the Open Air. What a skill it is  to speak clearly .

*I cannot link to  THE TIMES as it is now behind a PAYWALL

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