Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bishop Gilbert Baker

I am waiting for the vote. I have been listening to the live audio feed all afternoon.And millions of Christians world wide could not care a damn. Its only in the quirky and self opinionated C of E that it seems to take so long to move with the times, but that's just my opinion. #Synod is trending on Twitter.
Thirty years ago Bishop Gilbert Baker returned home to retire, from Hong Kong. He and Joan were in our eucumenical  Lent group in Dorking. it was a privilege to know him , and he succeeded in showing me a' global' view of the good old C of E . He had ordained the first women ever in the C of E wayback in 1971 in Hong Kong. After his death Joan came for many years to Filey to our Queen Street Cottage to write poetry, and edit his writings. She too has always been able to see the 'wider picture' and listening to the Bakers helped to remove blinkers from my eyes which didn't want me to stray from a traditional path. 
I was glad to be at the ordination of  Rev Elsie Butterworth on 14th May 1994, and  appreciated her ministry amongst us. She and Rev Mary will be 'priests for ever in the order of Melchizidek'. Their ministries have served us without notice of gender.
And so to the vote, I wait to hear!!!!

6.20pm Think @shipoffoolscom sums up what I personally think

The @c_of_e is now basically a hospital case #synod

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