Saturday, 20 October 2012

Montalbano or Strictly?

We do both.
The Reading group In Filey Library has recently restarted after librarian Chris moved away. We haven't got THE BOOK yet,and I am waiting to be surprised. 
It's thanks to the reading group that I ever heard of the novels of Andrea Camilleri, and like all the rest of us who love Detective Fiction,cannot wait for the next novel to be translated in English. My family all laugh at me on Saturday night as I go to watch the TV adaptation of each book. Its not because they do not agree that the actor playing Salvo Montalbano  is gorgeous, or that the scenery of Sicely better than any travelogue. They cannot face 2 hours of subtitles. 
More detective fiction is being spoken of at Reading group  now. WE have all discovered too the work of Domingo Villar. His  detective Leo Caldas will also be a great asset to the Saturday Night small screen in our house,should it happen. His novel  Death on a Galician Shore is set in Northern Spain and promises to be as successful as all the other european additions to the genre.
Its easy for me to write about who done its. I have had a diet of them since I was a child weaned from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie by my father. I can talk for England about them. I can spend many happy hours in Charity Shops and second hand bookshops looking for my no 1 favourite Arthur Upfields. I can watch the screen adaptations on ITV 3 anytime, repeat after repeat after repeat of Wycliffes, Poirots and Vera-I dont care. 

But get me talking about my faith-that's another thing. 

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  1. I am on a mission of the frivolous kind to convert folks to Montablano,books and programmes. I too , wish it was easier to be on a mission to share my faith .



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