Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happiness is top of the list

Emily  in the Alps
I don't suppose Emily would have imagined that I would be putting one of her holiday pics on the blog. That's the beauty of Facebook , being able to share in the Joy of others as they post their status updates for all their friends to enjoy (joy in that word too).

I thoroughly enjoyed Family Worship this morning. The Worship Group led the Service for us and Emily surprised us all by telling us that top of the list of topics that interested all the 11-18 yr olds at Fusion* was not sex, drugs ,or  rock and roll but Happiness.
She explained , using that wonderful song of Ascents, Psalm 126, that though we cannot always have happiness,as the 'world' perceives it, the JOY of the Lord can be especially near us, with us and in us when we allow God to come to us through His Holy Spirit. Whats more , its in times of trial, upset, and  what we Christians call troughs , we can by getting close to God , and remembering past times of blessing indeed be blessed and know joy.

Paul with his thoughtful prayers, Pam with her slant on offerings all added , with the great choice of music bringing us all along to a place where we really felt  assurance that JOY is really accessible. This all topping the great news that a new vicar has been appointed. Colin was watching all our faces from the chancel steps and said they  gradually brightened and shone as the service progressed.

Psalm 126
1-3 It seemed like a dream, too good to be true,
when God returned Zion’s exiles.
We laughed, we sang,
we couldn’t believe our good fortune.
We were the talk of the nations—
“God was wonderful to them!”
God was wonderful to us;
we are one happy people.

4-6 And now, God, do it again—
bring rains to our drought-stricken lives
So those who planted their crops in despair
will shout hurrahs at the harvest,
So those who went off with heavy hearts
will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.

*A weekly get together for young people at  Filey Methodist Church, Sunday nights 

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