Sunday, 14 October 2012

Filey Food Festival

So much to be thankful for, not only that we live in the 1st World where food is in abundance, but also that have so much choice .
Well done to the organisers of the Ist Filey Food Festival, on until this afternoon. 
The weather is kind, and Filey is a good place for stalls to display their wares.
Day trippers   get a view of the sea,and may stroll around the Crescent gardens and have fish and chips . Yesterday those of us who live here were able to look around the Evron Centre Stalls, chat to friends , and check out the food from the local exhibitors whilst doing our own  usual Saturday shopping. I might even go along later today and see if any more stalls are here to day , different from those yesterday. 
Next year I'm sure the word will have spread, and more local food producers will come along. 
I leave you with a few pictures  taken during my usual Saturday Shop



Filey Deli


Sorry not to have had a pic of the Crabs at Lovetts, the chocolates at Sterchis and the bacon from Overtons, but we love you too!

Couldn't resist the sunset over another Filey Food Shop!!!

1 comment:

  1. Several people have commented that no Crabs were on sale.They are one of the true Filey Foods.I hope Lovetts are able to come next time.



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