Thursday, 11 October 2012

Colour me beautiful

I think I upset some people on the PCC a few years ago by saying that I was the only one of them who did not have dyed hair. I seem to have been gray for such a long time, and I have heard children in the street say for 20 years mind that old lady ! Today I am feeling very special as I have found a shampoo that announces boldly that it is for silver hair. 

Two weeks ago St Oswalds was full of gorgeous white flowers for the wedding of Christine and Robert, and so last week we had the great pleasure of turning the pedestals of white in to pedestals of harvest colours. It was amazing how a judicious use of a few orange, bronze and yellow spray chrysanthemums transformed the whole feel of the building from Wedding Celebration to Harvest celebration in a morning.

Colours are not mentioned much in the Bible, four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Lydia the seller of purple, scarlet sins and scarlet wool, (Lots of black and white -not colours). 
I see the young people walking up to Filey Top School in their navy and black sensible coats, and wish they were brightly coloured, and the Blackpool lights of Filey shining Red across from Tescos, and know that in a  few weeks my walk to church, to water the flowers, will be amongst the turning leaves.

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