Friday, 21 September 2012

Where to find Brinjal Pickle..

Turkish baklavas in West Croydon
West Croydon

Since buying  my first Madhar Jaffrey book I been cooking curry. Twenty years ago it took me all day to make a curry in the authentic way. I then read Brick Lane by Monica Ali and so knew that the roasting and grinding of the spices is the key to success. Next my Sri Lankan friend in Filey explained that fresh Curry leaves , or dried from Smarts were the key to the flavour. 
Now I make fushion curries my way. I grind  and roast the spices, I get through lots of ginger , which now has found its way into all lamb stews, and all dishes of melon for Homegroup's slimmers.
I have embraced the new establishment in Mitford Street, am waiting for my late Birthday meal with Pam and Rick ,in the Hope Street branch ,which is said to be much better as food is cooked to order. 

This summer I have been able to explore all the Food Shops  in Croydon , selling sometimes 6 varieties of aubergines and vegetables  that even my recipe books have not heard of. We have Jamaican lunch snacks at Roti Masters and done Wagamamas, and found the perfect Parmigiana in Bella Italia (the Croydon One).

Being back now in Filey , my cooking will never be the same again. I feel as if I have been on 5 foreign holidays, to Trinadad, to Japan,to Karela and Tamil Nardu  and Italy. Fusion/curry/spicy food is now de rigueur  in Casa Rowling . Whats more , one does not have to shop in the foodshops of London to buy all the spices and vegetables.

Apart from Brinjal  Pickle that is. My test of a good supermarket is that it sells Pataks Brinjal Pickle , my essential accompaniment for Curry, and Tahini paste for making Hummous. Smarts is nearly there, but today I have been back to the Happy Rooster, oriental supermarket in Scarborough. They have everything, including my  Brinjal Pickle, and I am well pleased.

The World Curry festival  is on till Sunday in Bradford . I hope Nick Baines enjoys some great food.

 It doesn't take much to be thankful for something every day.
What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Today I 'm thankful of a beautiful ,bright day with lovely countryside on my doorstep. I 'm thankful for a good friend to companionably walk with . I 'm grateful for eyes to see the clear reflection of the hills in the lake . I 'm grateful for ears to hear the cry of the geese as they flew over. I m grateful for the energy and fitness to walk .



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