Thursday, 27 September 2012

The hashtag#

It really cheered me yesterday to see that the C of E  had actually got a hashtag #for Twitter  as part of the process to get people to pray that the next ABC chosen by the CNC is Gods choice. 
The Prime Minister and the Queen have their turn next. I have no worries about the Queen, she is prayed for so much that she is bound to be led by the Holy Spirit or our weekly prayers are in vain. But David Cameron ,I don't really know where he stands at all , his advisers will no doubt be weighing up the pros and cons of both the names put forward, but  only in light of their political  agendas. Or have I got it wrong? 
 I am going to trust that whatever happens next, and whoever gets the ABC job is truly Gods Choice. I am going to believe my prayers. 
Thank you Rev Arun Aroca @revarun, for showing me that the C of E is able to move on in to the 21st Century, after all , God is here and waiting.

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