Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Filey and the Keys to the kingdom

Here in the wilds of the North, where a caravanned landscape is white against the Wolds to the South and the smell of Chips from McCains factory at Eastfield wafts into Filey occasionally from the North we are very much in the world.
Gambling in the Arcades, and Adrian Lee at the Star , and multicultural Dining all show we are not only a gentle place of retirement. I can smell skunk on hot summer nights, and chip lard  on busy Bank Holidays. Yes! we are a real place.
 HERE, EU grants are sought, people really care about the way SBC is perceived* to  sideline this small town, and  we all want a Leisure centre and a Swimming Pool ,not another carpark ,and empty shops are an eyesore.
More reality hits when one realises the vast Natural Assets of Filey, a beautiful Bay, an unpolluted  and clear sky, a wealth of Fauna and Flora, a Birdwatchers paradise, and miles of a free Playground  of SAND.**

I do doubt though that many people in Filey really care about who is appointed to be the next ABC, most if interested in the C of E at all, are only interested in who our new Vicar will be.  The Applications have to be in by Sunday, and the interviews are at the end of October.

Meanwhile I  feel as if I have been given the KEYS of the KINGDOM as have been entrusted with the ST OSWALDS VESTRY KEY so I can write the Morning Prayer services in THE BOOK with THE PEN. I hope the POWER is not too much for me!

Links for a rounded view
*Fight for Filey
**Discover Filey

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  1. Don't get too carried away . Write in pencil first , in case you make a mistake and need to rub it out !

    Brilliant photo . It should be framed .



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