Saturday, 15 September 2012

Build a rocket boys

Marilyn's Uncle Billy Maulson aged 92 came to home group this week. He has been staying a Holiday week with her, and no doubt recalling Filey as he remembered it from when he was a boy. Ian Elsom doing the Filey Tree,  and  Rick Roberts  researching Old Queen Street Shops ,could have /may have spent some useful time listening to his reminiscences. But it was not the Filey ones that interested me, but the ones of  Hull in the 1950s. 

You see Uncle Billy is a natural evangelist, and still oozing a love for the Lord, he knows his Bible and his Lord. He told a wonderful story of how he and friends left their (Pentecostal) church somewhere off Springbank/Beverley Road and invited lads off the street into their church, fed them , sat them round, and talked Jesus to them (He called it Fishing ). As they were singing, the Holy Spirit fell on all the lads, they were slain  in the Spirit and spoke in tongues and there was great joy, as at Pentecost. The next week none of the lads though expected , turned up. It seems that they were Roman Catholic and the priest  had stopped them. Years later  a man came up to Billy having recognised him and said he had been one of the lads,  and as with others it had never left them, that touch from God. 

I so needed to hear that this week. If the Lord  leads and we follow and trust HIM to action , the work is HIS and it will bear fruit. We are praying blessing on the lippy kids on the corner again who live around us, where the cigarette senate is everything . Whilst Elbow tells those boys standing around  on the corners  to Build a Rocket boys we can add into that some listening to God, some  prayer, and expectation of more than just rockets, although they do go in the same direction .

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