Friday, 28 September 2012

A morning at St Os


Thanks Pauline
  • Veronica arrives at 8.30 am to arrange 2 pedestals for wedding of Robert and Christine tomorrow.
  • Pauline, Jennifer and Margaret P arrive at 9am to do more arrangements for wedding.
  • Colin practices Organ and plays all our favourite hymns, and always does Christ is made the sure Foundation , (tune Westminster Abbey) just for me.
  • Churchwardens arrive and do essential jobs, laughing, dusting, counting dead light bulbs, laughing, trimming candles, laughing,  getting chairs ready for  Services.
  • Pauline finishes her pedestal and cleans lectern for me*****
  • Liz arrives to  see to the Parish Registers
  •  Lovely surprise visit from Miss Amos (Amos window and Amos Vases) and her York friend. They had driven from York , and the racecourse is a lake today.
  • Coffee Time - and welcome in from gardening to Reg
  • My Daughter Imogen drops in to see the Wedding Flowers(11.30 am just about finished)
Miss Amos LHS
Churchwarden Margaret



Graham and Peter

*****Still vacancies on Brass Rota-see JuneKilsby


  1. Hello Chelliah, lovely to hear from you again MMR

  2. We would love to open St Oswalds for much longer each day.At present only from 10.30 to 12.30.In the summer we get many visitors as we are a 12th Century church. Jobs have to be done all year just to keep it looking good ,as it is Grade 1 listed.It is lovely to serve but we all realise that the best service we can do is to take Jesus with us outside into Filey.

  3. What a lovely companionable scene !



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