Saturday, 4 August 2012

The lady in the launderette

I have learnt  lessons this week
Firstly  to give thanks in all circumstances 

 I was so disappointed when I picked up the flowers ordered to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary: the flowers for the stone altar at St Oswalds. They were not fresh, and they were just not worth the money. I tried to remember to thank God anyway, but was sort of seething really. I conditioned them well and arranged them. But I had just been re-reading Corrie Ten Booms book 'Tramp for the Lord', which had been on my shelf for 35 yrs, and beginning to realise that my negative grumbling to friends was not bringing any glory to anyone.I had to repent (apologise to God ).
THEN  I saw some gorgeous Sweet Peas on the counter of the hairdresser , grown I was told by the lady in the launderette. I knew just who it would be and went to see Sally Ann and ask if she would sell me some. No , she wouldn't , but would try and pick me, and give me  a few for Friday. Nothing prepared me for the bucket full that I duly picked up.I just had to go home and cry with thanks, for the longest stemmed and most plentiful and fragrant' bunch'.  This week my WA just carries on ,as I  put the best of quality flowers, home grown  and  lovingly given , in St Oswalds.

Secondly - Remember to  Ask ! 

Ask in my name, according to my will, and he'll most certainly give it to you. Your joy will be a river overflowing its banks! John16 v23. 

This was not the week for me to be in pain. I have avoided back pain for over 30 yrs by using my basket on wheels so I do not ever carry anything heavy. This week my agonising back pain returned. I have not been in such stress since 1978! So much to do this week too, getting ready for my Aunts funeral next week, enjoying the  summer visit of children, sister, niece, etc , etc.  Corrie Ten Boom again reminded me to ask for help .So I went shopping with my basket, and spotted Anne Wilkie and asked her to lay hands on me in the street, she did  and by the time I got home my back was better. Why don't we remember to ask for ourselves, especially as we are happy to pray for others all the time!!

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