Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympics-The Prequel

Bloggers are bracing themselves. Christian Bloggers are trying to work out how to use the Olympics to stimulate brilliant posts which will attract viral numbers of hits. When I originally put the Torch route  through Filey on this our Filey Parish Blog I was astounded at the number of hits brought by the search engines.
Infact , the only post which has attracted more posts has been  the Sugartown one with 2,478 hits. Of course a hit doesn't mean that a post is read. 
If I go back to the early days of this site I remember Brian saying that if one person is helped , encouraged and/or guided near to a living faith in Christ then that is all that  this public service Blog is all about. 

The Olympic Games , a once in a lifetime event for us in GB  have certainly got the communicators going.  We all have something to promote, to sell , to generate enthusiasm about, not many writers and bloggers are simply altruistic in their penmanship and cyberscripting. 
On Todays Thought for the day on BBC Radio 4 the speaker was trying to link the Olympics to the Run the race etc Bible Texts. I think by the end of the Paralympics I am going to be suffering from run the race overload. 
I have already started to ENJOY the Games . Whats more I am going to enjoy them for their  own sake. 
  • An excuse to sit down and watch TV
  • To remember that however much we try to think otherwise, it is not always the taking part that is important, TEAM GB has trained to win, and I am going to support them from my chair
  • I am going to help small businesses along and buy whatever themed Chocolates are in Sterchis 
  • I am going to celebrate achievement, 
  • I am going to criticize the commentators (an aside -I thought Clare Balding was fantastic in her commentary of the tennis on Radio 5 Live)
  • I am going to buy a new TV ( so I can watch Absolutely Fabulous Olympic Special 23rd July)
My enjoyment of the 2012 Olympic Games started this week. Colin and I had a day off from  Nursing Home , hand gel , and specially adapted WC's this week.  We went to Stratford to  see the Olympic village. The DLR itself is a fun little railway from Bank, change at Canary Wharf or Poplar , a cross between Ffestiniog and Canadian Pacific (across the Rockies )for thrill and ambiance

The especially employed personnel ,in pink too, direct one around . Stratford is essentially a ghastly shopping Mall, with perfect access, no loos except in the Mall itself, a giant interchange for buses, DLR and tube. It should work well. Studies of flow and time and motion will have maximised the efficiency of the infra structure as it is now. It is 2 weeks before the Games begin. The Processional way for plebs into the Olympic Village  is through the Mall complex itself, or it is at present. We tried not to go into any of the shops , names like Bosco , Speedo and Liberty and hurried on to where the people in pink assured us was the Olympic Village itself. I wanted to go up the red sculpture viewing tower, to see the inside of the stadia, to walk the Greenway. We did get to the fence. and barriers manned by the ubiquitous people in pink, none of whom had told us 15mins earlier that one couldn't actually get in the site yet.  Still we had a great pot of tea for £1.50 in a meze Bar and watched other hopefuls walking the walkway and being sent back.

As far as we got!

And my point is--Enjoy  the Olympics for what they are, not for what they might have been , or will be .

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