Saturday, 7 July 2012


It feels strange now that Mary and Brian have gone. Of course they have been away before but this time its for good.

Its the first time I've been through an Interregnum whilst sitting on the PCC. I looked up the definition of Interregnum and found it described as the "time between two reigns".

I found it strange that the Church seemed very relaxed about the length of this time period. It was expected (and even encouraged) that there would be a gap of many months between Mary's departure and a new Vicar arriving. In other organisations such leadership vacuums are considered very bad. There is a danger that the organisations lose focus and become rudderless, decision making is paralysed by the absence of the leader and all the good work of the former leader becomes forgotten and ignored. In fact most organisations go to great lengths to get "handovers" from one leader to the other, it becomes important to enable a seamless transition so that the organisation continues without any of these problems.

From that perspective the Church seems almost cavalier in its approach allowing perhaps 6 months of Interregnum to pass with no handover and no explanation of key and critical projects that may be underway. Never mind discussion of the Church membership and who may be in need of particular support or encouragement in their journey.

Then of course it dawned on me, somewhat late in the day, there is no Interregnum. There is no"time between two reigns". Jesus reigns and doesn't stop reigning. he reigns forever! He gives us all we need to get through this period of time. As Mary said don't look back or forward, look UP.

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