Wednesday, 11 July 2012

50 shades of Grey

Everyone is reading this book on the London Tubes and buses. Sorry I am exaggerating , I have seen a  young woman reading it on the train from London Bridge. The Guardian and The Times have some large headlines today bearing the phrase 50 shades of Grey, and it now dawning on me that it is not about the Church of England, General Synod, Viv Faull, Vanpoules or a Whiter shade of Pale at all but what Radio 4 is calling ' Mummy Porn'.

So I am going to do a plug for another best selling  book  and tell you just where to go for the good bits, remember I am of the disgusted of Tunbridge Wells generation who has lived through Clockwork Orange and Lady C .

Exodus 32
Most of Judges
Ruth (if  you read between the lines)
Song Of Solomon
1 and 2 Samuel
Matthew 14                                                     just for starters

and here is a grey picture for you, to complement the post or is that rude?

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