Wednesday, 13 June 2012

East Coast mainline again...

The Shard from First Capital  Connect soon...

This is the only time I get at the moment to sit and do this blogging lark. In the scheme of things the world is not going to stop if @margaretkiaora  fails to supply posts.
My mother used to say 'if you cant say anything nice dont say it at all'. Now that the present issue of Every Day with Jesus is encouraging its readers to stop being critical of others, and to only say what builds people up, I have tried to restrain my rants and moans.
Marilyn and I often talk about our respective jobs for the Lord in @FileyParish. Both  the Envoy and this blog are not the work of a moment. We are always thinking about what God wants to say next through the written word, online and on paper. Colin tells me not to worry if there has not been a post for a week, and whenever I have felt drained of time and ideas the stalwarts Ben and. Rachel  will present an offering or an idea in this collaborative online offering to the world and  prospective Spiritual leaders for Filey.(Just on cue I have seen from the window a tiny medieval church in the middle of nowhere, absolutely no comparison intended !)

The Magritte french bread clouds have given way to overcast gloom .I am glad I am in my Paramo all weather gear, with lipstick and bright necklace. The wild flowers beside the East Coast Mainline are at their very best.The bacon sandwich was delicious. The frequent top ups with tea are welcome. I am thanking God that in my almost weekly trips to Croydon that I actually have the money for the fare. I am thanking God that I am undergirded by the prayers of my homegroup and family. I am thanking God that Filey is such a great place for transport links to all places not Yorkshire. I am thanking God that door to door Filey to Croydon can be as quick as the 118 to Morrisons(inc.  pot of tea  and sandwich ) and back.  Nothing to do here but relax, enjoy the views, the quiet and the wifi. Oh, and Ive worked out that there is free wifi in Wagamamas. That will be another Thank God post no doubt.

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