Friday, 22 June 2012

Cancer Healed- Helen's Testimony

Hello ! My name is Helen and Mary has asked me to tell you what happened to me last year.
I live in Halifax in West Yorkshire, and come every summer to Filey with my husband Gordon to stay in our static caravan.
I started with a sore spot as big as a sixpence on my shin about 2 years ago. I kept going to my Doctors, but she said it was nothing to worry about. Eventually I insisted on seeing a specialist ,who told me after he had done a biopsy that it was a cancer. He told me not to worry. He gave me a course of treatment for 14 weeks, but said it would probably only take a couple of weeks to clear up. If it doesn't clear up it will mean an operation, he said. I started the treatment , but after 14 weeks it was no nearer healing than at the beginning.
Every Friday while we are in Filey we do love to go the St Johns to worship.  They always make us feel so very welcome; it was last September when we went for the last time before going home for the winter.  After Mary had taken the service she asked if anyone  would like to stay to receive prayers  for Healing, and I turned to my husband and said ' I'm staying for prayers!'
When I got back to the caravan, I went to change my clothes, I glanced down at my leg, and the raw spot had improved so much I was overjoyed and relieved.  When I got up the next morning the cancer had completely gone!
It says in Mark 11 :24
Therefore I tell you that whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it and you will.

What a wonderful Father we have!
Helen and Gordon today after the Friday Service today

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  1. How good it is to hear your testimony of Healing .Our God is an Awesome God .



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