Tuesday, 26 June 2012

4.Olympic Torch-Prophetic Picture-Blogging the Parish Weekend

At our last session with Keith he showed us Joanne Bowmans Prophetic Picture, which I have reproduced above with her permission. I am not going to write anything now about it, as like Keith I am going to let you look at it and see what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. More later.....

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  1. We Bear the Torch and See the Light

    It is only by the light that we seek and serve
    A noble events triumphant cause
    Leaves me blessed and filled with emotion
    To gather this joyful day
    With its vibrant velocity to engage
    Set among the arms of a nation
    Gathered and spun in devotion
    Where gentle giants lean to the fragile world
    In camaraderie and alliance
    And little men gather their muster
    To equal the shares of embrace
    No mourn from their lips are shed
    Or vanished upon the last leg
    Of a journey so won
    For the mighty few who dared to win

    Jean Austin 27-06-12 2:55 am



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