Sunday, 24 June 2012

3.Connect to Wydale- Blogging the Parish Weekend

Connect to Wydale....So goes the instruction for the WiFi . 
It is silence here. Pouring rain again only adds to the security of the Place. Like the Romans before them the affluent in search of the good spot for a country house have got it just right. We had holidays for years and years in Haycomb Cottage five miles out of Cirencester. It was the most GODLY spot too. As we walked a couple of miles across the field yesterday we were reminded of the Duntisbournes. Here too , just a mile from a busy road it is quiet. The rain does not in any way spoil the beautiful views of the surrounding old trees. I was in real spiritual need 30 years ago when the Birchalls offered the use of their cottage. I was still taking those leaps of faith towards trusting God completely, of allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way. The Cotswold house was THE place. It had a sense of the presence of God, you could feel it was a prayed in place, the aroma of Jesus lingered. Wydale has a similar feel for me.  I realise that a house or a church building  is just a shelter from the rain and cold , a convenience. Nevertheless, like with holidays in a beautiful place with small children , so I came here with just the same expectations. I come to  Wydale knowing that I am going to be able to leave the wordly cares for a short while and turn my mind and spirit towards my Creator and His Holy Spirit.

The same birds here too, large pheasants pecking around on the lawn, now I hear a distant clatter of breakfast plates. 
There are times in life when I take another step forward in my pilgrimage towards my Father. There are times when I know , I know , I just know that as Mother Julian Said
'All shall be well, and all shall be well,and all manner of thing shall be well'

I am not a naive ninny.I know that we are truly living in the time of that dirty overwhelming wave that we are surfing through (I still have my 40yr old Bellyboard). However what I know is that after that wave there is the BIG ONE  and I am ready. This is a SECRET SPOT for me.

Lord ,I have heard of your fame;I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day,In our time make them known;in wrath remember mercy. 
 So goes the prayer of Habakkuk3:2

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