Saturday, 23 June 2012

2. Battle for Britain-Blogging the Parish Weekend

Keith Powell, in full Trumpet Call encouraged us all to pray and fast for Britain this morning. The Lord has laid on his heart a burden to share. 
He recalled, as other prophets have done the Prophecy of Jean Darnell in 1967.
He made some interesting comparisons as one who comes from The Somerset Levels where the last Land battle of Britain, Sedgemoor  took place in 1685. 
He remarked that the last battle of the Air was the Battle of Britain , and that the Battle TODAY is now in the Heavenlies. 
The Church Bells of the land are to ring out on July27th . The last time the bells of the land were asked to toll out was when Winston Churchill called the Nation to a day of Prayer in 1942 ,on you guessed it, 27th July.
 So exactly 70 years later as the Olympic Games begin, lets give all the Glory to the true LIGHT of the WORLD, and call this Great Nation , which I am Calling TEAM GB FOR CHRIST back to HIM.
Of course this a tiny soundbite of all Keith said.
Here are some useful Bible Back up verses, and a Book or 2 to supplement the morning
  • Rees Howells ' Intercessor'
  • Bishop Ryle 'Holiness'
  • Habakkuk 3v2
  • Renewal is coming but we have to fight 4 it Job 33vv14-18
  • Psalm 24-need mature Christians to do the back up for all the young Christians coming to faith RIGHT NOW who are spearheading  the Spiritual Warfare
  • 2 Chronicles 7v14.

Thanks Parkwood!

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