Friday, 22 June 2012

1. Keep Praying and Bless -blogging the Parish Weekend

I shall  be buying one of these books as soon as I get home. 
 We have arrived safely at our weekend  retreat Wydale  the Diocesan Retreat House near Snainton, just a half hour car ride from Filey when taking Samson to the Cattery is factored in. Keith Powell is leading us again. We are with Cloughton Cluster again. All the stress of something new has been removed.We know each other, know the Wydale routine, like the coffee. 2 years on from our last Parish weekend together ,and we are ready to let God work in us through His Holy Spirit.
Keith is going to lead us further into an understanding of the Fatherhood of God, the good Dad. He has already showed us the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit, and  how Blessing with our prayers is much more effective than negative cursing. (Derek Prince also had much to say here).
I got a sense of end time urgency from Keith, we must pray for the young people of the land to come(back) to God.
What does a picture of a lion looking as if its atop Filey Brigg have to say to us
(My Thoughts) 
  • The Lion of Judah (Christ) is warning us to mobilise ourselves
  • The Lions roar calls to remind us we have a leader
  • The Lions roar will be heard by those who have ears to hear (Lucy in LWW)
  • Christ will come back for His Bride the Church (Bobby  said a Lion roars to its mate)
  • Fear is AWE

More tomorrow. Colin is already asleep.   Love the WiFi

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