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Raising the Canopy of Prayer and Praise over the British Isles

Copied in its entirety from an e mail to Margaret Rowling, highlighting just some of the Christian Initiatives during this Special Summer. 

'Well, we are here, already into the second quarter of 2012 and now starting this historic 75 day prayer & worship ‘push’ across the British Isles – 14th May-27th July 2012 made possible by the unity and partnership of many different churches, organisations, networks and individuals – all covering different areas in prayer.  This all undergirds the mission taking place connected to the Olympic Torch Relay and the Queens Diamond Jubilee when thousands of churches are planning to serve their communities!
Each day from 19th May-27th July God has put in place:
  • Church bells being rung each day during this season

  • 7:14 events in each of the 70 towns & cities where the Olympic torch makes an overnight stop at 7.14pm (based on 2 Chron 7:14 in partnership with Kingdom Come 2012 (Alpha & 24-7prayer)– starts Plymouth on 18th May. Follow them on Facebook at 7:14
In addition we know of hundreds of prayer events done by churches, prayer groups, home groups, prayer walks, prayer vigils, days of prayer, weeks of continuous prayer, mini prayer relays that will be happening county by county e.g. by Anglican Dioceses and deaneries, Methodist circuits and by Salvation Army corps. This continues through the Diamond Jubilee weekendat the Big Lunch with the grace, Children’s Prayers being gathered and over 3,000 beacons lit across the nations!   
At Pentecost : please pray for and/or come along to these prayer events:
And why has our Father in heaven put all this in place? We believe it is because of all that is involved spiritually with the UK hosting an Olympic Games:
  • The games are a pagan festival dedicated to Zeus:  our Father wants Jesus to be worshipped as King.
  • The games never allow mention of Jesus: our Father wants Jesus to be shown as Lord
  • The root of the O Torch Relay (dedicated to Zeus) is all about taking the spirit of Games around nation : our Father is inviting His church to praise, pray and release His blessings which all point to Jesus the hope of the world; Jesus the who brings peace; Jesus who brings eternal life.
  • The games are all about power & financial gain for host nation and sponsors: our Father wants his church to humbly serve and share the gospel in word and deed everywhere.
  • Our Father wants to use this season so when the world watches it sees the church in action Isaiah 60:1-3 - its our time to shine!
  • The games is a wonderful opportunity for us to welcome 205 nations – so that all who come from the nations, national leaders, team members & their coaches, media and visitors -will experience the presence of Jesus and hear about the good news of Jesus. .. as well as reaching all those from these nations already living here!
Can you link in where you live/work and so cover all our nations in prayer?
  • Pray on the day that that the Olympic Flame passes your area
  • Exalt Jesus as Lord along with the Praise Bus and the church bells
  • Go to a 7:14 event – or host one in your village, town or city
  • Come along to support the prayer relay exchange
  • Pray through the whole of the 70 days for each of the towns & cities for God’s blessing
Especially calling all those who live in these areas – do join us as the praise and prayer cascade flows through Lands End, Cornwall Plymouth & Exeter, Taunton, Bristol, Gloucester and Cheltenham, Worcester (and through into Cardiff, Swansea, Aberstwyth, Bangor) Chester, Stoke on Trent, Bolton and Liverpool and then on to Northern Ireland (with the prayer baton being flown over from Liverpool).
All resources following in Email no 2!
Prayer for 2012
O Lord God almighty, we worship and bless your Holy Name.
We bring the British Isles before you. Have mercy on us and forgive our foolish ways.
Come to our aid, Father. Cause your will to be done among us.
Come, Lord Jesus; you alone are the Way, the Truth and the Life.
May you be honoured and glorified in our nations. Come, Holy Spirit; refresh and revive us again.
Draw us after you and let us run together. In Jesus’ wonderful Name.  Amen
Ffald-y-Brenin Trust, 2012 (from More than Gold A Time to Shine Church Prayer Guide – resources '

 Jane Holloway
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