Wednesday, 16 May 2012

More Filey Trees

Not many people can walk all the way to St Oswalds without having to go on a single road. I love the footpaths and tenfoots around the Old town of Filey. I  read somewhere that one of  Alnwick castle's visitor attactions is a walkway through the treetops and we have one all of our own, at no expense, in Filey.  
I woke up in a state this morning, writing lists of all I have to do in the next week,all the things I have to cancel to fit in an unexpected London trip to attend to Family things, the race to get our house totally empty and clean by Friday , the chaos of unpacking at this end,now we are sleeping  in our  Old Town Cottage. I was in a state at the small number of Filey Parish people at the Parish Prayer meeting on Monday, and that the new cat flap does not cat flap properly.

You will know whats coming next all you who know me. 
In the midst of tears and anxiety I just had to stop . I hadn't time but quietly walked the tree walk to Morning Prayer. I was able to give God all my torment. I got home and C said his prayer Trio had prayed for me. 

Anne Platt and I have been talking recently about the 'feeling' of being cushioned in Gods Love  and held up by the Prayers of others. So Thank you God, thank you for that peace that passes all understanding as the Holy Spirit soaks us in HIS balm.

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  1. Lovely trees and a very honest blog . As one of my neighbours says :
    All is well and all will be well .



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