Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Houla and Mind the gap

You know you will always get a post from me when I am on the train travelling home. I just cant resist  free wifi.
I am really tried , I have had  non stop meetings with banks ,building societies, hearing aid technicians , solicitors and healthcare Professionals as Colin and I sort out the Practical living arrangements for my Aunt. I realise just how tired Vicar Mary is entitled to be with her non stop meetings. Mine only went on for 3days.
 I thought I would do you a post about the terrible difficulty Colin and I experienced as we  MINDED THE GAP at St Pancras alighting from the 1st Capital Connect  train from Croydon. I remembered that only a couple of years ago we helped the now immobile Aunt from the train on a visit from Croydon to Sadlers Wells to see the Matthew Bourne 'Nutcracker Suite'.
Then I thought you might be interested in my thoughts on the words 'given up the will to live'  that we casually  bandied around as we tramped the streets  at 30 degrees in London, in light of the fact that we have an aged aunt who means it when she says it.
 None of these asides of themselves are unimportant. I can always weave a Bible Verse in to bring it all together and then wait for plaudits .

NO . Today I have just picked up the Times , about to turn to the Crossword , read the front page heading 'THE TIPPING POINT' an innocuous little headline , a picture of a sweet dead baby and then the article and the details to read  whilst waiting for the complimentary lunch to arrive. 

Pray for Syria EVERYONE. 

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