Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Filey Tree and the Filey Trees

Congratulations to Ian Elsom for getting the FILEY TREE  in the public domain using the Family Search Community portal. I know Ian has worked tirelessly and thoroughly to add these records for all Filonians,  those married to them, and those interested in Genealogy to use. My sister in Hull , friends in Filey and some of my own Elder and Bruce relations across the world spend hours and days researching the History of their families. We saw June Brown of Eastenders discover the fascinating history of her Jewish gggg grandfather , a  pugilist of some renown on BBC 1  TV  this week, and genealogy web sites are more than legion.

It has been a tree week.

I am still reeling from the sight of St Oswald's Church  last weekend. Paul Wilson , known to so many of us as the man who cuts our trees and trims back 10 years of Ivy was married to his Emma, and three TREES decorated the church, as well as lovely green and white flower arrangements.

Vicar Mary of course has been making the most of it. 
Trees thrive when they are rooted and grounded in good soil. The Flower arrangements will eventually die. We need to be grafted into Jesus the living Vine  to bear fruit, and expect to be pruned . I try not to make too much of the dead branches that are thrown into the fire, but its there too.
John 15 v1-8

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  1. Lovely idea , though not unique ! Loved the reflection at the end . But even the tree needs the Living Water to survive .



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