Monday, 21 May 2012

Ex Cathedra but couldn't find one

Not that I am infallible or even anyone in authority, but yesterday I just couldn't find a bench or chair from which to  look out on the punters in this shopping mall, let alone blog. 
In my whistle stop visit to the  leafy suburbs it was clear that I had to find a Boots and do some urgent shopping on a Sunday for aged Aunt-just little essentials that had been left behind at home before sudden move to Respite Care.
Over 40 years ago I often shopped in Croydon during a visit to now aged Aunt and her truly aged Mother. This Cathedral to Mammon known as the Whitgift Centre  had not yet been built, with its side chapels selling Sushi and Chinese Noodles, its vestments from New Look and Primark and hundreds of tills for the collection. I thought of  Filey where Dixons is just big enough and Frothies has all you need to go, but enjoyed seeing how Metroland worked and how Sunday afternoon could be spent.
Croydon was prepared for the Diamond Jubilee  I think.  All the wooden planters presented white and blue flowers. I can only surmise that  by June 2nd when the Jubilee weekend begins, the gardeners of Municipalia will dash round and insert Red Geraniums in each trough.

I've done it for you Croydon !

I'm on my way home now. Next week C and I will go for longer and support Aunty further. I am trying to be cheerful ,writing this on the train with the free wifi. Croydon had a superficial cheefulness. Every one was helpful and kind. The coffee was good everywhere, the buses frequent , the fashions amazing. It was a people watching secret spot. The Buzz that London always gives me was over-ridden this time by the sheer misery of my aunt. She just wants to die. This isn't living she said.
(an aside -I could not fault the care Aunty is having. She has lost her mobility , and her batteries for her hearing aid, her dignity , her home and her HOPE)
So if you are reading this please pray for a Christian Old Lady , who has all her mental faculties, but going through a dark dark night of the soul.

**Escalators in Whitgift Centre (Paul Gillett) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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