Friday, 27 April 2012

Patience and Pulling Teeth

I had to respond to a question this week about the importance of the Social Media in our Parish of Filey. I responded very negatively by saying that getting Filey people interested in coming on board with blogging and Twittering and Facebooking was like pulling teeth.

Well I am sorry that at that moment I had forgotten the Master Plan. You see , this Blog,Fileyparish Blog, FileyParish Twitter @FileyParish, and Filey Parish Facebook, FileyparishUK were not an enthusiasts bright idea, a nerds dream  or little project to stop the recently retired from spending their days in front of The Wright Stuff.  
They were started by the Holy Spirit's promptings to many people, by prayer, and by our leader, Mary our vicar, putting together the right people for the task  .

We are 4years into this walking on water joy of a  task. I say we - because when Brian goes in July  it will not be we but I mostly. Pete our techie is always on hand for help with html and widgety things. Rachel, Ben and Pam  blog when they can, Bobby is Discovering Filey mostly, and Simon   is cheering us on as always from  a Starbucks somewhere. I am not appealing for help.  Because I have just realised something. I am wallowing in angst, and not   doing what I encourage others to do ALL THE TIME, and that is waiting for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I couldn't wait to hear what went on last Sunday in the Family Service. Where did I hear that it had been WOW. Well on Facebook of course ! Usually I have to stand outside Smarts (taking up the whole pavement with my wicker shopping trolley ) talking to Mandy on her way to work to get news. You see Filey Parish is prepared for the Social Network , we are up and running. Daughter no 1 has just got her first Smart Phone -she has taken off this week and actually learning from this aged parent. So lets all help one another to gossip the gospel using whatever means we have, and as more and more people are turning to smart phones lets help them with what could change their lives for ever.

Please don't forget that you have until Monday to say what You want in an Archbishop  of Canterbury! See our earlier post


  1. Well said ! We never know what seed of thought we have sown !

  2. Thanks Sue for your support and encouragement from Cheshire

  3. Thanks Judy for encouragement and support from Norfolk!

  4. is anyone else on facebook to keep us far away folks up to date??!



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