Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to do Twitter -more eggs. Lesson 1

  • You need a Computer or access to one,  or IPad or an internet enabled Mobile Phone 
  • You need to be able to connect to the Internet 
  • Stage 1 is complete-make a coffee.You have come this far. ---Now take this in Twitter is easy. Twitter is useful. Twitter keeps u in touch with News and Whats going on as it happens. When you get stuck there are lots of people to help ,you just need to ask  someone who is already doing it. The more you use it the easier it becomes. 
  • You need a Twitter Account. Google the word Twitter and take it from there. Remember to choose a password that has a mixture of letters and numbers in it. Write it down in your computer Book. Remember where it is. Its a good idea to have all your passwords and user names in the same book, and don't ever lose it. I have different user names and passwords for Facebook, Yahoo mail, and Twitter. Preferably you will need a Google Account too. This is useful when you get a smart phone , and you will be getting one eventually, as that is the way all Techie stuff seems to be going. (No one messages with  semaphore much these days)
  • On your Computer you will need a photo of yourself or something you like to represent you as a logo. 
  • Upload the photo to your Twitter profile. Crop the picture first  if you need to.
  • This will be your  AVATAR. Try to give yourself one as quickly as possible, so you don't have to use their default  EGG. The trend is going away from fancy names too-you might as well just call yourself your real name . I am not going to be margaretkiaora once we leave the house called Kiaora and will be simply margaretrowling.
  • Egg Avatar
  • You are now up and running. Have a Chocolate Egg. 
Twitter Avatar for fileyparishchurches

Twitter on your PC looks like this but with your details.

The pictures on either side of the text box were put in via  the Design tab which is in Settings( see the Dropdown)

More tomorrow!

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