Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to do Twitter - lesson 2

So -you are up and running with your Twitter account. You have got rid of your EGG avatar and have a proper avatar.  You might be thinking Is this it?. 

Here's what to do next. Get some people to follow. Like this
  • Click on the Discover # (#This is a hash tag and is a big bit of twitter kit)
  • You will see a list of options to click on . Look thro their suggestions and click on one. You are now following them , and all their Tweets will come into your Tweets box. Suggest you find about 10 people to follow and then just watch what goes on. You can find more people to follow by browsing the categories or putting a word in the box (Top RHS next to little head and shoulders) 
  • Put in the @names of people you know who twitter. Here are some to go on with @FileyParish(us) @emmuk74( agood twitterer), @rcmfrith(Bishop Richard) @DiscoverFiley. The more u do  the more chance u will be followed back! 
  • Now have a go at your own first tweet. No more than 140 characters (includes spaces and punctuation marks) If you put a #hashtag next to a word that  may be searched for by someone you are likely to get lots of people reading it. For example:During Lent I put a Filter in Tweedeck(more about this soon) saying #Lent. Consequently I was able to pick up all the tweets going across at the time I was looking that included the word 'Lent'. Try #Filey, or try #Easter in your tweet. See how long it takes u to get a follower. Send us a comment here with your @name , if you are just starting out and WE will follow you( if you are not a business ), to help you get going
  • Tomorrow we learn how to send a DIRECT message to another tweeter without everyone else seeing it. Useful   sometimes!
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE PEOPLE FOLLOWING U IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM. YOU CAN BLOCK THEM. Usually you know they are spam because their Avatars will show a well endowed woman, or they have done no tweets at all. Click on their Tweet until a drop down comes like this
  • Just click Block

More tomorrow maybe.I have a busy day 

If you are using Twitter from a PC, then you will find  Tweetdeck  could make life even more exciting for you

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