Pat has sent us this poem from Eddie Askew

Lord, I don't know if I want the freedom that you offer.
It scares me. There is comfort in conformity.
It is easier to live by rules. No need for choice,
just follow without question what my elders say,
my own reactions cut to someone elses pattern, and tailored to a suit of someone elses size.
Uncomfortable, dull but respectable, dark grey and suitable for all occasions.
And in a way it brings release from all the tensions and the stress of thinking for myself.
Your freedom asks so much.
Asks me to make my own decisions,chart my own course,
accept responsibility for all I do.
To make the gradual, sometimes painful, journey from childhood to maturity.
But when I find the courage to move out, and take a first small hesitant step,
beyond the boundaries, of what is safe I find within my ordinary life the expanding universe of yours.
Not that the known parameters  of daily life can be ignored but that woven within them is a new dimension,
the glory of your presence.
The interplay excites me, leaves me breathless, and even though I'm still afraid from time to time, I wish no other way.
Your freedom makes its own demands - the paradox of life with you- but Lord, I'll take the risk.
E. Askew