Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Filey Parish People.........

Display in Parish Hall of all Posts so far!

Over half way now to Holy Week and your posts are on display in St Johns Hall . Please tell all your friends who have blogged but  do not compute so that they can see their post with all the others. Tell them to ask for a printout if they want to keep one.
I went quickly this morning to remove the Fair Trade Display and put this one up. I had to get it done before Mums and Tots came into the Hall. My Staple Gun broke(probably because we put the Bubble Wrap up in the Greenhouse with it last October!)and I had to resort to brass drawing pins, reminding myself that I would have failed my Ripon College Teaching Practice for that at Thirsk County Primary School in 1968! We were only allowed to use dressmaking pins. I can't believe it now, it certainly would not have passed Health and Safety Good Practice. Brass drawing Pins were hopeless as the weight of the display just pulled them out. Colin wasn't with me as usual, as he was with his Prayer Trio. Any body watching me would have thought Norman Wisdom, I was thinking God help me!
When Gordon Watt Wyness  passed the mantle of the doing the Display Board on  to me he gave me all his supplies too-paper, pins, glue etc etc .Re-use , Recycle being the watchwords of those who have worked in the Developing World .There in My Box of tools for the job I came across a small box of pins -round heads like little balls, and long sturdy shafts . Thanks Gordon they did the job beautifully! Our love goes to you. 

 So when you look at the display  see if you can find the  hidden multicolour  pins!

Keep the Posts coming-through my door, or to the Parish Office or e mail them to me through the website e mail

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