Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Filey Parish People blog in Lent:Day 29 Ben Jenkinson


We traditionally think of Shrove Tuesday (this year 21st February) as a day for 'using up' ingredients in the house to remember how Christians may choose to abstain from various types of food during Lent - but there is a lot more to Lent than making pancakes.
  • Lent in 2012 starts on Ash Wednesday (22nd February) and ends on Easter Eve (7th April) in the Western Churches.
  • Many Christians focus with a fast on Ash Wednesday and again on Good Friday (6th April).
  • Some will fast for the time between Ash Wednesday and up to Easter, others don't fast on Sundays as Sunday can be considered to be a feast day.
  • There are various ways of fasting, some people will choose to give up bad habits or certain foods and drinks or meals, where as others prefer to see Lent as a way to help others, pray for others, focus on praying for others or take up something new. There are many Christians who attempt to do both.
  • The concept of fasting for 40 days is to reflect the 40 days Jesus' fasted in the desert. Christians treat this time as a way of preparation to Easter and fasting is a recognised way of helping people to focus on their spiritual life and prayer.
  • There are other Biblical references to the importance of the number 40. The flood in the book of Genesis was 40 days.
  •  The Hebrews were in the wilderness for 40 years before reaching the promised land. Moses fasted for 40 days prior to receiving the 10 Commandments.

Found by Ben on the  the Church of England Website

A month in -How are you all doing?

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