Saturday, 17 March 2012

Filey Parish people blog in Lent: day 25 Margaret Rowling

I have been humbled by the Filey Parish people who have blogged so far. They have  been those with the busiest of lives, full time carers, working mothers, volunteers , people who I know go from meeting to meeting to help to keep the Parish afloat, people who are caring for the sick or  their elderly family members or work away and spend their lives travelling the world. 
AND yet like Jesus they are about their Fathers business too.

aka Margaretkiaora
Every post will have something to say to somebody. That is the joy of the internet. It matters not if readers are in Indiana or India, Huddersfield or Hunmanby. The Gospel is for everyone , looking at a VDU at home , or an ipad on the train, or an Android in a cafe ,laptop  in  cybercafe in Murray Street or PC in Filey Library. Many  of our 337 followers on Twitter may respond to the daily reminder to view the blog, and on and on as it is retweeted by others across the world. I know all this ,I look at the Stats.

So if you are reading this Site  for the first time this Lent, if you have accidentally stumbled upon us, remember that you are special , chosen and loved. We have prayed that people will be led to deepen their faith through this site. We have prayed that some of you will turn to Christ for the first time in your life . We have prayed that you will realise that Lent is not only a time for giving something up maybe , but a time to take stock , put things right and then move on. No one should ever  promise that life for a Christian is easy.  People may struggle to make sense of Faith, even though we have freedom of worship, available Bibles  and the opportunity to get together with others, and ask questions.
 Hope always, Alone Never.......

Want to go further?
Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into Truth, use the links(on the Faith Page) on this Blog to see what others have to say.  Read the Bible verse  for the day on this page, and then read on. Bible Gateway is online .

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