Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Filey Parish people blog in Lent day 22 :Sandy S

Farne islands
When I told Jesus that I want more of Him at the Altar *and His dear Holy Spirit in my life and that I'm scared ,I believe all the things that happened on Holiday **that I would not normally have attempted to do(but this time I did them) IS GOD BUILDING ME UP.
Once we grow up we think we've discovered all the there is to discover and wonder at, but when we put God in charge of our lives and He blesses us with His Dear Holy Spirit ,we begin to discover life in all its fullness, discoveries on another level. 

This is real life, 
what an adventure. 
Praise the dear Lord. Amen

*Pentecost 2011** Northumberland 2011
 Sandy has graciously let us publish 7 pages from her Spiritual Diary 12th June 11 to 1st July 11 by way of her blog post for Lent. The above is an extract from it

Sandy's Diary Extracts  Read 1-7 pages - (Pdf printoff  follows each sheet)

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