Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Filey parish People blog in Lent day 21: Bobby B

It is very easy to become comfortable in our Christian Lives, especially when life is pleasant and things are good. Lent is a reminder not to be too complacent, we are on a journey that at any time can be interrupted by illness, bad times and ultimately death. We can't afford to be distracted by riches and our own greed and selfishness.

That's why Christians look to Jesus, we believe that he died to rescue us from all that. That he was resurrected bodily from the Grave and all we need to do is to turn our backs on the selfish life and take our orders from him. Not too difficult thing to do, as this is a Love relationship. He is incredibly patient, but there is no time for complacency, we are on a Nomadic journey and the going can be hard.

I've spent more than two years of my life living in tents and am involved with one again in the Discover Filey Project. I believe tents are symbolic of our journey with God, a home in the Wilderness which allows rest but doesn't allow us to get too comfortable. As we pray for the right choice for our Vicar's successor, maybe it's time to 'pitch our tent' for while and wait a while, celebrating her faithfulness in Preaching the Gospel of Christ so consistently. A time to wait on God and listen to his will for our Church. A time to 'clear the decks' in preparation for the next part of the journey.



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