Saturday, 10 March 2012

Filey Parish people blog in Lent Day 18; Anne Watson

Anne with her Mother Betty  
In the cold, dank January wood
A snowdrop lightens our winter darkness
With its soft gleam.
Tightly closed at first,
Its pale bud suddenly bursts into wonderful green,       
Laced edged delicacy,
Fluttering bravely above the frost and snow.

Lord, may we be like your snowdrop this Lenten tide:
At first tightly closed within ourselves
As we are once more
Drawn into the story of Christ’s life and passion,
Yet ready to burst out in joy and thanksgiving
At the glory of Easter Sunday.
May our faith shine out bravely,
Lightening the darkness of the world’s winter
So that it blossoms into the spring of new life in Christ

                                                                   Alison Bayne

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