Monday, 5 March 2012

Filey Parish people blog in Lent: Day 13 Pat Metcalfe

Pat says-

When asked the question 'what does Lent mean to you?' I thought of when I was a child and every week in Lent we were taken into church from school to learn about what happened to Jesus during the period we call Lent. I always looked forward to this time as I was not a Sunday school child. On Good Friday we went to church and then we had hot cross buns, which was a treat for a 'war child'. This was a very special time for me, so it is no wonder that God chose Lent when I went through a time of self examination and confession before I was born again on Easter Sunday in 1986. So  Lent is still a time when I try to think where I am and what I am doing, what do I need to change and why? I remember back to the times when life has been hard and how God has always been there for me, I give Him thanks for his faithfulness, (even though I sometimes forget Him,   He never forgets me.) and I look forward to the resurrection on Easter morning!

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