Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sexagesima and the Beatles

Who in Filey actually calls last Sunday Sexagesima? (60 days before  Easter Day) And just so we can all answer the next Pub Question, the answer is Quinquagesima is next Sunday. I loved all these strange words when I was growing up in Sutton- in -Holderness. They sounded so mystical, along with Rogation and  Ember Days. All Latin really , and my 7 years of Grammar School Education have just kicked in again. Does it all really matter?  The Anglican Church , trying to be militant here on earth, as we acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickednesses , once all thought so.  Here is a true saying , and worthy of all men to be received, a Classical Education really helps one answer questions on University Challenge , understand the meanings of words, and know that Agnes Dei means Lamb of God, and Bellis Perennis  is a Daisy (Days Eye) or Pretty Perennial. 
Some of us do enjoy a bit of Archaic Language in our nostalgia trips.  Here really is a true story......

When I was teenager at St James Sutton, I belonged to the YOUTH GROUP.There were about 7 of us , and we were led by the dutiful, and charming vicars wife, Sybil Richardson. Her husband was  a dear man, kindly and clever, and a Classical Scholar. I have just read my diary from 1965, it says on one Church parade Sunday
'I did not understand a single word of Williams Sermon, and how must all my pack of Brownies felt!'
Mrs Richardson, for we would never have called her Sybil, suggested we all did a play reading in our Little Youth Group. I volunteered to get 10 copies of the suggested play from the library, and proudly did the deed. Except none of us really wanted to do Alcestis by Euripedes* when we actually came to see it. Needless to say I left the Youth Group soon afterwards and cycled to St Aidans Youth Club ,off the Holderness Road for the next months before going to college. There we danced to Beatles Music, with the lights low .

* Ted Hughes  made this much more readable

Its all about getting things right for the client group. The Church Year,  as the lectionary shows us, is a clever way to get us punters through our Bibles in 2 years, to learn the Life of Christ in about 3 months, have a couple of bits of being sorry times, to celebrate  the Holy Spirit big time in mid summer , and tick off some notable lives as we go, and all in a year starting in November. Great ! Its a fail safe too. No missing bits out and doing all Easter and no Christmas, or all notable lives and no Woman at the well. The Old Testament is all there too, and a Psalm for every day.  Except we are not really doing it are we? Only on Wednesday Mornings at St Oswalds do we actually get all the readings set for the day, and what richness is to be had when we read GREAT BIG CHUNKS **and it is all drawn together by the leader. The Bible is as  relevant to us now  as it was in 1965, or 1066. 
When John Lennon said 'the Beatles are  more popular than Jesus', it created a Media Storm.   His time was THEN , and all of us who love the music they brought to us, know that it has gone on to be truly classical . Jesus , however, doesn't have to defend himself as John Lennon  had to. He is not an idea or a Calendar , or the right sort of  Church or a Set book , or a once a week love- in.  He is a REAL person , who through HIS HOLY SPIRIT is available , timeless, and accessible, and truly able to change us into the people we are meant to be. 
The Church of England , like the Beatles ,may break up. I do not really mind at all . We the people are the Church, and always have been. 

That is why , whilst we once again reach the season of LENT.  which starts next week , lets use it whilst we have it to show the online world  what our faith means to us. If one person meets Jesus because of it, and turns to HIM  that is the best outcome this blog and our Lent posts can have. 

What does Lent mean to you? Thats your starting point 
So I am hoping that we can do a post every day in Lent to the end of the Triduum.  So Filey Parish-please be thinking what you can say , a few sentences  , a page, or a picture with a caption-something to share with our readers ,
  • the regular readers,
  •  the Filey expats,
  •  the stumbled uponners, 
  • the googled and got us readers,
  •  and the searchers after the Truth. 

Lets make it OUR INTENTION. Now there's a phrase!

** Have just returned from Morning Prayer. Rev Robert asked me to read the OT portion and as if to make a point  it was  Gen 31v25 -32 v2 so it took about 10mins-and what a good chat we had about it afterwards. Malcolm Johnson had a boat called Mizpah  so (Ven)  Robert Hall told us.

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