Friday, 24 February 2012

A positive idea for Lent

Want a few positive ideas  ;Here are a few for Lent , do straight from your smart phone or computer. I am doing Matthew from the Lent for Everyone option. The daily reflections are By Tom Wright (late Bishop of Durham) . I read them straight on my phone screen. Whats more every day I get a reminder!
When I bought my phone in October, when my 8yr old one died  I was served in the Scarborough  T Mobile Phone Shop by a young man called Remi.  I was  quite anxious buying my first smart phone even though I had done lots of research in Which .  Remi  uploaded the Bible  app You Version for me. Looking back I realise how gracious God was to ensure that I was served by a Christian Young man. He gave me over 40 mins of time , and was never trying to hurry me on.  He wasn't even from Scarborough but had been drafted for one day because of a staff shortage. Perhaps he was an angel. Young people from Filey Top school have helped me get my head round this phone, metaphorically speaking. I couldn't even switch it on  properly, or work the camera. 

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