Saturday, 18 February 2012

Grandma and the Hoodies

The Small boys are not allowed on Computers at home. Staying here alone  at Kiaora with us for a sleepover then is always fun for them as they know they will be allowed a strictly monitored session or three  on Miniclip , Lego Hero Factory and Moshi Monsters and their own excellent school Games section St Martins Kid's zone

This is the early morning session. We will be going off to Glen Gardens in a minute. Grandpa did  his shift 6.30 to 7.30, breakfast, Milkshake, piano Practice. I took over 7.30 ish with getting dressed , teeth, washed  and  fielding non stop questions. Session I  has had to include my Mac. My faithful Toshiba  is ill, despite a new hard drive, and no small boys are allowed on it. I am on it.  
Its no good saying children have too much time on Computers.  World of Warcraft might be only a year or so away, but completely denying  our small boys any Internet time is only going to be counter productive (in my view).   When they  are able to make their own choices they will have had plenty of rich experiences and been introduced to many wholesome pursuits. (Yesterday they went to Dalby Forest, did the Bridestones, the Adventure Park , played board games here and  read books.)
I listened to Childrens Hour every day, Uncle Mac on Saturdays, TV only at my Grandparents home, and in black and white; Rag Tag and Bobtail, Andy Pandy,  Bill and Ben  and Muffin the Mule.  AS a child there was no daytime TV , we were only allowed Zoo Quest. 
Mr Bell the head teacher of Cavendish Road Junior School once asked my Standard 4 class 'who watched 'The Six Five Special ' ? I was mortified, I was the only child who had not be allowed to watch this, so I lied and  put my hand up too! 

I have been thinking about the events of 60 years ago., when I was the age of my small boys.  The day the King Died, I was denied my 'Children's Hour'  on the Home Service, now called BBC Radio 4. I was quite upset, it was the highlight of the day. The radio just played awful solemn music. Excitement soon followed. I was invited to go next door to watch TV for the first time, 15th February 1952 . I remember it all, the tiny screen with rounded corners, the  programme itself, all very strange and solemn too. It was the Funeral of King George V1.

The King was dead, long live the Queen!

Psalm 97 is a good read .

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