Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Filey Parish People blog in Lent day 7 -Shiela Ford

Filey- Church Ravine January 2012
Day 7“What does Lent mean to me?”              Shiela Ford

Lent seems like a journey- a journey with the promise of something wonderful at the end.

Lent begins when Winter is still upon us.  A few brave snowdrops , crocuses and daffodils can be seen, bravely facing the frost and icy cold, so in spite of the dark skies I know that the promise of Spring is there.  The ice will melt, the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom. I know it because I have experienced it so many times before.

During the Winter months I think we all have times of feeling low, weak, cold in our faith. This year, because I was ill, I was particularly depressed and sometimes it was difficult to glimpse the sunlight.  Yet, knowing that the Lent season heralds the start of Christ’s own battle and His ultimate triumph over darkness, I am encouraged to wake up to whose I am, to come close to His cross yet again.

As Easter day nears I turn my face once more towards the light of His love. The love which challenges me, washes me clean, nourishes me and warms me through, so that I can blossom as He wants me to.

I found this short poem the other day and it expresses my feelings perfectly.  The poet is anonymous. 

“My blood so red, for thee was shed.. 
  Come home again, come home again’ 
     My own sweet heart, come home again. 
 You’ve gone astray, out of your way. 
   Come home again, come home again.”  

And I do!     I run……. straight back into His arms! 

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  1. Thank you for this post, Shiela. At the moment I'm reading "God Lost and Found" by John Pritchard as I feel to be in winter darkness spiritually. But we cling on to our hope and God's promise of renewal and new life. Thank God for Lent with its Easter promise.



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