Sunday, 26 February 2012

Filey Parish People blog in Lent. Day 5 -Rachel White

Day 5

What are you doing - or perhaps not doing - for Lent?

Have you read a Good Book lately?

Last year was a significant anniversary (can't remember which !) for the King James Bible and we were encouraged to read it afresh/again.  To me this "old" Bible is a familiar part of my youth and early life, but these days I find it very hard going if I want to understand what its talking about.  The language is not just last year but last several centuries and is completely alien/inaccessible to all but the over-????'s.

This Lent, every time I see any suggestions about how to recognise/celebrate/mark/use???? Lent we are being encouraged to read the New Testament from start to finish.  I think this is a good idea - provided we find a translation that has meaning and not just old-fashioned beauty.  My personal favourite is the New Living Translation, but another very good one is The Message.  Both really bring the scriptures to life.  Both can be downloaded at if you don't have a paper version.  (Or why not buy a new Bible instead of spending money on whatever you were planning to give up for Lent?)

If reading the whole of the New Testament is enough to put you off, then I suggest you just read Acts - the Acts of the Apostles - which is all about what happened /as a result of/after Jesus' life on earth.  Read it as if it were a story.  Its un-put-downable!  When you get to the end you just want it to go on and on because it is so exciting .........

Dooh! ........

What have I just said?????

When you get to the end you just want it to go on and on because it is so exciting .........

This is the most exciting thing.  It does go on and on - and has done for more than 2000 years - and our lives are an ongoing part of the story.  Quite something that, isn't it .....

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves of the story so far?

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