Saturday, 25 February 2012

Filey Parish People blog in Lent Day 4 Rev David Ford

What Lent means to me.

In these days when only 1 in 70 of the population attend Sunday worship, the days are long gone when "the Church" could impose anything on society. But that in no way diminished Jesus' call to His followers - to be Salt and Light (see Matthew 5, 13 & 14) . Salt for preservation, and Light for growth. Without these, life as we know it, is impossible. 

Our Founder's vision was for His followers to be preservers of what is necessary for society and bring a shining light into the dark places of life. I have that to be a draining experience: it's easy to "run out of steam". It seems I am not the only one: for down the centuries, each generation of Christian has used the period prior to Easter (Lent) as a sort of "work out" time - to tone up the spiritual muscles, to get rid of surplus fat, and get fit for the responsibility of being worthy disciples. For some, that means giving things up; but I have found "doing something new" is a better approach to making progress, and if I choose something achievable, I am left feeling positive (rather than a failure!) 

 So this year I shall join the ecumenical study group here in Filey. I hope I shall gain insights from fellow Christians who are not Anglicans that will enable me to that salt and light that Jesus expects.

David encourages us to put more coal on the fire!

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