Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sofa Church

Sofa Church, You will notice that in honour of the splendid sofa at St Johns  I have done the hallowed words in BROWN. Last month , when Archdruid Eileens blog was Blog of the month in the Envoy some of you multireaders will  maybe not have realised that it is one of my favourite blogs, I was not just saying it. So today you might like to humour  me and see what ideas young Keith (thanks Gary)has been having about  Sofas. 
In our prayer trios ,I have been meeting my partners in the Open St Johns. With the car park, cups of coffee and relaxed atmosphere it has suited our purposes well, and so has the sofa.  

Chinatown London yesterday, Happy New Year my neighbours at Gold River Filey

I am sitting writing this in the sitting space of the St Pancras Youth Hostel . No wifi in our room ,so having to be very public. I dont get much typing done as #cnm opens doors. The couple next to me are from Salesbury Parish in Blackburn. We have been sharing website tales. 

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