Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cobles,Shanties and sausage rolls

I expect  that Bobby will be feeling  glad at the successful launch of the Discover Filey Website . Although built by a professional Website design company most  of the actual  content has been the work of local volunteers , and many of the actual posts were scripted by our very own Fileybriggs. I never find public meetings very easy to attend, mostly because my gob tends to run away with me.
 I was determined to support not only Bobby, but all Filey Folk who present Filey THE PLACE as it really is, with the natural beauty, the Educational opportunities, the timeless Beach Fun to be had, and  all the History, marine Biology, Geology, Bird, Animal and Plant life, that is still to be discovered. WE are blessed  by it and yet sometimes in my busy , busy life I often forget to appreciate all that a visitor might be here specially to access. Yesterdays launch helped me to re-focus. 

I remember my Filey electrician ,in 1991 ,saying to me that he hadn't been on the Brigg for years. I thought that very odd. Now years later I can say the same myself. It is easy to get so caught up in day to day stuff that one forgets to just stop and enjoy the rich blessings around us.  Colin and I read Every Day with Jesus, and this month the theme is 'Fitter, Healthier, Stronger'. Today's piece says'

until we know the difference between the urgent and the important we will never become good stewards of our time....Jesus was a man with a leisured heart. He was never hurried, never flurried and never worried...

So , with such a wealth of free natural beauty to enjoy, an unpolluted sky, and so many resources available to all, not least the expertise of local volunteers, I for one am going to take stock  of quality time.

The Discover Filey launch reminded me too that the (complimentary)  Redcliffe Farm sausage rolls were delicious, and that not only Kathleen Ferrier does songs of the sea.

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