Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Top Ten Treats of the week = make a game

  1. Ab Fab  seen on iplayer on Boxing day 2 morning when son and  family had departed back to London and Hove. I laughed and laughed , as I am clearly more Edina than Patsy, though not held together with gels, pills and suppositories
  2. Cafe Atlantico, played whilst alone  in the kitchen ,  respecting    the great  Cesaria Evoria  who died last week
  3. Daydreamers wonderful Christmas Post, Holy Smoke which must be read by all in the Parish Singers and Worship Group and lovers of Candlelit services
  4. Dirty Carrots -they really , really taste better, I have only just listened to Angela and bought some
  5. It didn't rain on Christmas Day so small children could tear around garden with the wind in their tails, with torches and lanterns (ICE) and run off pent up energy after the QUEEN, which leads to ...
  6. Her Speech -it was wonderful, she or her speech writer clearly  has the gift of evangelism 
  7. The Times Crossword (2) on Monday , 5mins sanity amongst food prep and putting the Dyson around again
  8. Dr Who watched only by me in my room 7pm  Christmas Day , as I am only fan
  9. Sunshine on Monday afternoon- everyone went for a walk and I stayed and did grateful home alone
  10. The high wind today -I got all the guests bed linen and towels  washed and dry and smelling of Filey Fresh Air

Match and make a game

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